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An Autumn Cleansing Ritual

Happy Autumn!

As the cool air stirs and the first leaves begin to change, the beginnings of fall are upon us. That’s means it’s time to cleanse your space! 

We cleanse our physical bodies seasonally and it’s also a good practice to cleanse our emotional bodies by smudging our homes.  You may do maintenance cleanses often, but now is a good time for an energetic overhaul! 

According to Ayurvedic medicine the fall and spring are the best time to cleanse. As  nature moves we shift as well. 

It’s time to release the summer energies we no longer need in our house before heading into a more sedentary winter that is ripe for rest, reflection and restoration.

Maybe you need to cleanse from a stale summer romance, maybe you had a few too many sweets, or it’s possible that summer has left you feeling worn out from all the bright and sunny activity. 

No matter what may be happening in your life—take the opportunity this fall to start fresh and release all that stands in the way of you living your most authentic and vibrant life.


A Simple Home Cleansing Ritual

Take your smudge spray, shake the bottle, and spray the corners of all your rooms, spray your furniture, sheets, towels, and even your pantry.  

It can be helpful to open closet doors, drawers and other places stagnant energy can hide. Use a feather or smudge fan to spread the mist and enhance the cleansing effect. 

It can also be nice to perform this ritual with a friend or family member. You can chant a loving prayer together, play a musical instrument or double up with two smudge sprays at once!

Whatever you do—make the ritual your own. Speak your prayers with intent and emotion. Do what feels right. This is your practice.

You’ll feel lighter and refreshed as negative energies are dislodged and whisked out of your space.

Have a colorful and bright fall! 

Happy Cleansing,

Melissa, Chris, and Jeremiah