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How To Manifest Your Dreams

There is so much information within the spiritual community around manifestations that it can be a bit overwhelming. It is crucial to become crystal clear with your intention in order to fully anchor mind, body and spirit to the creation energy. In my personal experience, when mind and heart are deeply in synchronicity with one another, the magnitude of that connection energizes the intention. And more times than not, the outcome is usually quite staggering. There are many ways to couple mind and heart to inspire the laws of attraction. Here are a few practices to consider: 1. Call on the angelic realm through this simple yet sacred prayer… “I am requesting the most benevolent outcome for (insert desire). May...

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Cultivate Boundless Joy

Life on this planet is an endless series of ups and downs. And part of our spiritual process is to learn how to dance gracefully with whatever comes our way. Spiritual masters often suggest that negative and positive experiences are all a part of the divine because friction can be used as a tool to bring movement to stagnant energies. It takes practice and self discipline to embody joy while under stress, however, learning to activate boundless joy is not impossible. There are many ways to cultivate joy and ground into infinite bliss. Here are some tools for integration: 1. Use an empowering mantra such as Nam Myoho Renge Kyo to jumpstart your day. Chanting this Buddhist mantra activates the...

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Spring Cleaning For The Soul

Spring cleaning can also be a spiritual practice. In many Eastern cultures, spring cleaning is not only a literal opportunity to declutter one’s life but also implies spiritual purging. This time of year symbolizes new beginnings… the possibility of cleansing the mind, body and spirit of stagnant thoughts such as regrets. Spring brings feelings of excitement and buds the promise of life. Freeing up any lifeless energy through releasing rituals will allow you to invite energies of potentiality. Here are a few ideas to add to your spring cleaning rituals: Eliminate what no longer serves you. Our outer environment reflects our internal landscapes. Begin with cleaning the physical by spring cleaning your home. Remove distractions that may block your life...

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Love Is Soul Medicine

Love can take on many forms and carry different meanings. And for the spiritually minded individual, love is simply a vibration.According to science, all living things radiate electromagnetic fields. The Heartmath Institute claims that the heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy within the human body and is 60 times stronger in size than the electrical activity produced by the brain. This is fascinating and potent knowledge. How different our realities would be if we were to strengthen our heart-centers and lead with our love vibration! Let’s commit together to building up our heart chakras for the duration of the month. Here are a few ways to integrate more love frequencies: 🤍 Begin your day with a smudging...

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Heal Yourself Heal The World

The theme of the month is love. In February, cupid flies around society reminding human beings to love. And usually that love is defined by romantic relationships. I find it interesting that we need a reminder to love. Perhaps that stems from a lack of love for self. From a spiritual lens, the masters say that we cannot offer anything outside of ourselves that which we do not have for ourselves. How can we be unconditional love if we do not embody that vibration by first nurturing ourselves with it?? Let's dive deeper with this by opening ourselves to be a channel for higher consciousness this year and every year following. Let's collectively change the frequency of Valentine's Day by...

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