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Flute Meditation -Twilight Transmission

  In Sedona (where our products were born) I am blessed to have had the opportunity to help hundreds of people experience the powerful energy and unfathomable beauty of these sacred lands. Those journeys onto the Red Rocks always involve a serenade or two from my Native American Flute. I have noticed this practice helps my friends and clients leave their busy minds behind. The soft and ancient sounds helps them sink deeper into the infinite stillness and peace pervading this enchanted landscape. Several years ago I recorded this song and I'd like to share it with you. Carve out a few minutes to yourself—close your eyes, take some deep breaths, spritz yourself with your favorite smudge spray or light a stick of palo santo. Listen with your whole...

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Connect To Nature - Not Mass Consumption

The Holiday Season is upon us and you know what that means - shopping! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up and that means mass consumption for most of America.But not us.This year we have decided to not participate in the deal hysteria this weekend.Instead we are joining the #OptOutside movement started by REI. We are closing our company this Friday and paying our entire staff to spend the day outdoors.We think it's more important to spend time in nature instead of at the mall or cruising the internet for deals.We appreciate you and hope you feel inspired to spend some extra time in your favorite wild place this weekend with the people you love. Many Blessings,- Melissa, Chris & JeremiahSedona, Arizona

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Is Palo Santo Sustainable?

We are continually impressed with you and our community. After our last few videos on palo santo we received several emails from people asking some very important questions:"Is palo santo sustainable?""Where does your palo santo come from?""What is involved in the harvesting of this sacred wood?"As an intelligent shopper we believe you should ask these questions and inquire into the ethical nature of everything you purchase.  In this video we answer these questions and more about palo santo. We also share some ways to gather smudging herbs from your local environment to further minimize your impact on the earth. Watch this video and tell us what you think. We always love hearing from you!

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Recycle Your Crystals

Our smudge sprays are bottled with real quartz crystals to enhance the energy cleansing properties. Many people ask what they should do with the crystals after use. Ultimately it's up to you but in this video we share one idea.

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New Beginnings

Sometimes it seems the dark days of winter will never leave. The cold rain and snow drives us indoors in search of all things warm to soothe our winter blues. We take comfort in spiced tea, crackling fires and hot meals enjoyed with loved ones. The quiet season of winter gives us ample opportunity to reflect and explore our inner world. We plant new intentions that will sprout with the coming of the sun and return of the warmer winds of spring. Now that time is almost upon us. The first colorful buds are beginning to appear, coaxing us out from our interior world and into the bright light of new life. Soon the sun will regain its full strength...

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