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Bliss Bath

Bliss Bath  You come home from a hard day at work. The demands of your boss, coworkers, your children and what feels like “the entire world” still sit heavily on your shoulders. You need rest, you need relief, you need to set down this heavy load and find some peace. The faucet creaks as you crank the handle all the way to “hot” and begin the ritual of letting the water run over your hand. First chilling cold, then gradually warming until it’s just right - the perfect heat that you can feel sink deep into your bones.  The tub fills, It’s almost ready, but before jumping in you grab your favorite bath salt. Perfectly formulated with relaxing salts from...

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The Healing Benefits Of Eucalyptus

  Did you know that the average adult suffers from upper respiratory infections, also known as the common cold, up to three times a year? Did you know that eucalyptus has health benefits that can help you? Let's dive into the miraculous qualities of the eucalyptus plant! Eucalyptus has been studied thoroughly and has been proven to be very safe for humans. This plant was used in the 1800's as an antiseptic and helped many people! It is a natural remedy that is derived from eucalyptus plants. Your lungs can benefit greatly from eucalyptus, it has been shown to relax the tissues in your lungs. So if you are having trouble breathing, try opening up your lungs with some eucalyptus...

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The Power of Human Connections by Tasha Bryant

As humans, we are always searching for connections. Why is this? And why do we need connections? Deep bonds that are formed between you and your loved ones are important to feel seen and valued. The connections that benefit you most are the positive ones. Without positive connections in your life, you end up missing the feeling of being heard properly! Valentine's Day is coming up in a few weeks, it is the perfect time to dive into your relationships. Reach out to the friend that you haven't spoken to recently. Call your family and tell them you love them! This forms an unbreakable bond between you and those you wish to have in your life.  Irreplaceable bonds have changed my life...

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A Poem From Melissa

A Valentine gift to you. A note from Melissa.A glimpse into my relationship with the roses.Oh my beloved rose. Your soft delicate petals graciously humble me. Your sweet fragrance heals my heart and comforts my soul.With a fluttering heart, I love you anytime and anywhere- whether it be in a flower shop or we meet in the wild.Whenever our connection is made I am wholeheartedly blessed. Your thorns teach me to make loving boundaries and your precious scent uplifts my spirit.May rose bestow her blessing upon you and your family and tend whatever needs tending to.Happy Valentines!Much Love and gratitude,Melissa Shop Rose Blessing Candle Now! Sale price - $17.97  

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