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New JUNIPERMIST Calendula Salve Health Benefits

  View this post on Instagram A post shared by JUNIPERMIST (@myjunipermist)     Our new Calendula Salve is completely natural and safe for your body. You can tell by looking at the small list of ingredients. Feeding your skin healing and natural remedies is extremely important to your overall health. The Calendula flower is safe for everyone, characterized by being a very gentle flower. To hand craft this product, we start by soaking the Calendula flower to completely infuse all of the health benefits of the plant into olive oil. We then blend that with hand picked beeswax. It is as natural as you can get, straight from nature!  Your skin actually starts to eat the salve, which is why...

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Be The Light In The Dark

  View this post on Instagram A post shared by JUNIPERMIST (@myjunipermist)   This week we chose to talk about being the light in the dark for our conscious conversation. Being that bright light people look to for positivity is crucial to living a happy life. We are all inspirational in our own ways. We can choose to be the light at any point in our life. Choosing this and not the darkness is something that anyone can do. No matter how much struggle you are going through, you always have the chose to choose positivity. A simple smile to a stranger can change their entire day. That is choosing to be the light. Deciding to be one with the light. Blessing people...

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Respond in Love Not React

  View this post on Instagram A post shared by JUNIPERMIST (@myjunipermist)     We have an uplifting conscious conversation that we are excited to share with all of you. We will now be going live on Amazon and Instagram every Wednesday to have these conversations. Make sure to follow us on both platforms so you can stay tuned. Uplifting each other in order to grow spiritually, emotionally and physically is what we are here for.   This week we are diving into the reaction process. Responding and not reacting to situations that often come up in life is key. When you feel yourself about to react, take a step back and think about the situation for a moment. This gives your...

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Bath Salt Unboxing

We are extremely excited to officially unbox our new Smudge and Soak bath salts with you!   Our new product, Smudge & Soak bath salts contain himalayan salt so that you can enjoy its life changing benefits. Our relaxing salts from around the world are soaked in the purest sage and cedar essential oils paired with real white sage leaves. These oils help you smudge, cleanse negative energy and set power intentions while bathing. This is what makes our Smudge & Soak so unique.   In addition to himalayan salt and pure essential oils, this bath salt contains magnesium, dead sea salt and bentonite clay. All of which have their own special spiritual healing properties. You can enjoy these wonderful...

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