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A New Way To Boost Your Immunity

As the wheel of life keeps turning, so do the seasons. And tis the season for immunity upgrades. Smudging, an ancient spiritual practice, is the act of burning certain herbal plants to energetically clean a space, object or being. This spiritual practice originated from indigenous peoples and is well known in their cultures to also have physical benefits.

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New Year New You!

We moved through another year! What a gift! The year 2023 is upon us and with clarity as our guide, we can empower our intentions to hold fresh, new energy that will propel us forward. we are the ones we have been waiting for.

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Embrace the Discomfort

  View this post on Instagram A post shared by JUNIPERMIST (@myjunipermist)     The wind inspired our conscious conversation today. Thinking about discomfort and how it can be important to everyone's daily lives is what started our video today. We realized the wind connects to discomfort as not all people enjoy a strong gust of wind when they are trying to enjoy nature. However, wind is apart of nature and something to be enjoyed if you look at it in the right sense. Discomfort is often accompanied by the positive factors that you are bringing into your life. This could be a beautiful view from the mountain tops with a strong wind in your presence. Embracing discomfort gets you to...

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Smudge Anytime Anywhere!

  View this post on Instagram A post shared by JUNIPERMIST (@myjunipermist)    SMUDGE ANYTIME ANYWHERE! You truly can smudge anytime and anywhere. Whenever you are feeling the need to smudge, make it happen! Smokeless smudging is great for this because you can smudge and not have to worry about fire alarms or other factors. If you do not clear unwanted energy, it may linger for a while. Clearing yourself or a space of low energy is important. We want you to have high vibrations as much as possible. This is why creating a space for positive energy to come in is so important.  We recently had some friends in town and we all went on a spiritual hike in Sedona. Spiritual hikes...

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Never Miss An Opportunity To Meditate

We often think of meditation as a dedicated time we spend sitting on a cushion with a timer running. It is important to have regular formal sessions but we believe that nearly every moment is an opportunity to practice mindfulness.  A fulfilling and joyous life is made up of many small moments of awareness throughout the day. Each moment there is a door of awakening open to us if only we can remember to walk through it. Make it a point to stop at any time, anywhere - sit down, take a deep breath, close your eyes and connect to your center. Watch your thoughts. As they come - simply say “thinking” and let them go. Feel into your heart...

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