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Sedona Retreat

Are you traveling to Sedona and looking for a unique spiritual experience?

We are excited to announce that we are now offering guided journeys, adventures, hikes and ceremony on the magical red rocks to our JUNIPERMIST community!

If you love the energy of our products - just wait till you walk these sacred lands in real time. With the warm desert sun on your face, ancient rocks under foot and the sound of mystical flute music in your ears- you're sure to find unshakeable peace and profound inspiration. 

Choose your adventure...


Sedona Vortex Experience

Since the beginning of time humans have made pilgrimages to Sedona to bathe in the unique spiritual energy pervading the red rocks.

This healing energy helps many people relax, restore, heal and rejuvenate while enveloped in a majestic landscape of otherworldly beauty.

During this adventure we'll help you tap into this healing life force available to all. Many people use this opportunity to find clarity, connect with their purpose and set intentions—just as our ancestors have done for thousands of years.

Two Hour Adventure: $300

Four Hour Adventure: $500

Full Day Custom Experiences Available Upon Request Prices Are For Up To Four People And Include Transportation, Water and Snacks


Medicine Wheel Ceremony

The Medicine Wheel is an ancient system used by many Native American tribes for thousands of years. The wheel gave them the opportunity to connect to themselves and the world around them through sacred ritual and ceremony.

Most modern people are missing this ceremonial aspect of life that indigenous people viewed as critical to the development of a healthy, happy and balanced human being.

During this adventure we’ll explain the meaning of the medicine wheel and how you can use it to restore balance to your life, set goals or intentions, release old patterns and connect to your higher purpose.

Journey back to a time when humans still lived in harmony with the natural world.

Four Hour Medicine Wheel Adventure + Ceremony: $500

Full Day Custom Experiences Available Upon Request

Prices Are For Up To Four People And Include Transportation, Water and Snacks



Native American Flute Initiation With Chris

You may have heard the soothing sounds of the Native American Flute playing in your local yoga studio or massage spa. It’s no coincidence that the flute is a featured instrument on so many tracks geared toward relaxation.

There is nothing quite as enchanting as hearing the melody of this ancient instrument dancing on the breeze. Imagine being able to give this healing gift of music to everyone you encounter!

With the right instruction—the flute is actually surprisingly simple to learn and play. During this initiation we’ll present you with your own hand made Native American Flute.

We’ll then teach you how to play it and craft your own songs, all in the breathtaking backdrop of Sedona’s incredible landscape.

Native American Flute Initiation – 2 Hours – $390 (includes a handmade flute)

Prices are for one person and one custom made flute.

Contact me for larger groups.



Medicinal Plants Of The Desert With Melissa

This plant walk is deeply nourishing to your body and soul. You will connect to nature and deepen your relationship with wild plants. You will learn local desert plants and how to work with them for your personal health and wellness.

There will be some ethical foraging and tea making practices shared together. Learning wild plants is a great gift to have for your home apothecary, sovereignty, and empowerment. May the plants be your greatest teacher.

EcoTherapy and One To One Coaching

A life lived to the fullest is full of challenges. It’s incredibly helpful to seek reflection and council from another human as you grow, expand and travel the path.

It’s common to get “stuck” in a certain life view or way of thinking. Sometimes you just need a little outside perspective to break through.

We find Nature is the ultimate teacher and source of inspiration. The natural environment serves as the perfect place to explore your life, connect to what matters most and set intentions to grow into your next level of fulfillment and purpose. EcoTherapy and Coaching Packages are completely customized to your needs. If you think we might work well together, contact us to learn more.


Need A Place To Stay? 

For the right travelers there is the option stay on our land in a non-toxic, all organic, luxury Lance Travel Trailer.

You'll sleep under the stars on our 6 acre paradise just outside of Sedona. The property borders 20K acres of national forest and public land. Access endless open space, verde river greenway and ancient native ruins right out the back door. There is plenty of space for the spirit to wander in solitude on unspoiled, virtually private hiking and biking trail.

Sedona is a 17 minute relaxing and meditative cruise from home base. Old Town Cottonwood dining and shopping is a short 5 minute drive. Explore the historic mining town of Jerome just 20 minutes away.

The camper comes with a queen bed, table that converts into a full bed so it can sleep four people easily. Equipped with heat, kitchen and private bathroom. Experience an incredible adventure in total comfort. : )




Ready To Get Started?

Each experience is completely customized to your desires, goals and needs. Send us an email and tell us what your looking for along with the dates of your trip. We'll schedule a call with you to discuss next steps and see if it's a good fit.

Please fill out the form below. We can't wait to see you in Sedona!