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Sedona Experiences

Are you traveling to Sedona and looking for a unique experience?

We are excited to announce that we are now offering guided journeys, adventures, hikes and ceremony on the magical red rocks to our JUNIPERMIST community!

If you love the energy of our products - just wait till you walk these sacred lands in real time. With the warm desert sun on your face, ancient rocks under foot and the sound of mystical flute music in your ears- you're sure to find unshakeable peace and profound inspiration. 

Choose your adventure...


Sedona Vortex Experience

Since the beginning of time humans have made pilgrimages to Sedona to bathe in the unique spiritual energy pervading the red rocks.

This healing energy helps many people relax, restore, heal and rejuvenate while enveloped in a majestic landscape of otherworldly beauty.

During this adventure we'll help you tap into this healing life force available to all. Many people use this opportunity to find clarity, connect with their purpose and set intentions—just as our ancestors have done for thousands of years.

Two Hour Adventure: $300

Four Hour Adventure: $500

Full Day Custom Experiences Available Upon Request Prices Are For Up To Four People And Include Transportation, Water and Snacks

Unforgettable Trip, First Rate Guide

"I had a couple days to spend in Sedona and wanted to go beyond the google search to find the best spots. I decided to venture with a local guide to get off the beaten path. Chris was outstanding! He took me to some incredible spots I wouldn't have found on my own, and gave me a deeper understanding about the land and native people who once lived there. It was a special trip and a sacred experience for me. Five stars. Highly recommended!" - Eric G.



Medicine Wheel Ceremony

The Medicine Wheel is an ancient system used by many Native American tribes for thousands of years. The wheel gave them the opportunity to connect to themselves and the world around them through sacred ritual and ceremony.

Most modern people are missing this ceremonial aspect of life that indigenous people viewed as critical to the development of a healthy, happy and balanced human being.

During this adventure we’ll explain the meaning of the medicine wheel and how you can use it to restore balance to your life, set goals or intentions, release old patterns and connect to your higher purpose.

Journey back to a time when humans still lived in harmony with the natural world.

Four Hour Medicine Wheel Adventure + Ceremony: $500

Full Day Custom Experiences Available Upon Request

Prices Are For Up To Four People And Include Transportation, Water and Snacks


Above and Beyond

"I cannot speak highly enough about our time with Chris King from Sedona Sacred Earth. While organizing a trip to Arizona, I searched for a company that could give my husband and me a better understanding of the Sedona area's history and culture. I initially communicated by phone and email with Clint, who was efficient, warm, and funny, and a few days later, met Chris in Sedona. In the unseasonable rain, Chris arrived prepared with warmth, a huge smile, and compact umbrellas. Over the course of five hours, we took a beautiful light hike to several important spots around Sedona, complete with both flute and drum performances from Chris. Throughout our time together, we easily conversed about geography, American Indian historym including a focus on spirituality, and the more contemporary impact of global warming on the area. Overall, we had a great visit to Arizona, and our time with Chris was undeniably the best part." - Caitlin C.



Native American Flute Initiation

You may have heard the soothing sounds of the Native American Flute playing in your local yoga studio or massage spa. It’s no coincidence that the flute is a featured instrument on so many tracks geared toward relaxation.

There is nothing quite as enchanting as hearing the melody of this ancient instrument dancing on the breeze. Imagine being able to give this healing gift of music to everyone you encounter!

With the right instruction—the flute is actually surprisingly simple to learn and play. During this initiation we’ll present you with your own hand made Native American Flute.

We’ll then teach you how to play it and craft your own songs, all in the breathtaking backdrop of Sedona’s incredible landscape.

Native American Flute Initiation – 2 Hours – $390 (includes a handmade flute)

Prices are for one person and one custom made flute.

Contact me for larger groups.


An Amazing Experience!

"Spent a long weekend in Sedona over Easter (girl’s trip) and we decided to make a first-time visit to the Grand Canyon. Chris King was our guide and from start to finish it was a magical experience. Chris contacted us in advance to inquire about our interests and abilities to ensure a personalized experience for the group. Chris has extensive knowledge of the geography, geology, and local Native American history which he kindly shared with us along our journey. At the Grand Canyon, he kept us away from the tourist-laded overlooks and guided us to private bluffs with breathtaking scenery. Chris plays the Native American flute (a personal favorite of mine) and played peaceful music for us at points throughout the day. We had mentioned that part of our weekend visit to Sedona was a spiritual quest and Chris conducted a beautiful guided meditation for us. We all agreed that after the journey we returned home happier and more balanced. I highly recommend this experience and look forward to returning to Sedona and exploring other adventures with Chris as a guide." -L.A.


Mindful Journey

Excellent guides and took us off the beaten path and away from the crowds, we had the opportunity to see Sedona and surrounding areas from the perspective of a long time resident. My wife and I did not have any previous experience with meditation or Native American not let that deter you it was a insightful look into how you can balance a vacation with a mental recharge while looking over amazing vistas. HIGHLY recommended you will not be disappointed. -Mike B.

EcoTherapy and One To One Coaching

A life lived to the fullest is full of challenges. It’s incredibly helpful to seek reflection and council from another human as you grow, expand and travel the path.

It’s common to get “stuck” in a certain life view or way of thinking. Sometimes you just need a little outside perspective to break through.

We find Nature is the ultimate teacher and source of inspiration. The natural environment serves as the perfect place to explore your life, connect to what matters most and set intentions to grow into your next level of fulfillment and purpose. EcoTherapy and Coaching Packages are completely customized to your needs. If you think we might work well together, contact us to learn more.


Very Meaningful Day!

We went to Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park and Chris explained the history and meaning of the location. Then we walked the nearby medicine wheel. After that we took a hike up to a cave with magnificent views and stopped to talk about Sedona's history and geology, then had a time of meditation. Very relaxing and inspiring. We then drove to a park and had a picnic lunch overlooking beautiful red rocks. Our final stop was Rachel's Knoll, with an incredible panoramic view of Sedona. There we concluded our day with a special ceremony, a time of reflection with music. Thank you, Chris! -P.T.


Need A Place To Stay? 

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Let your soul wander through 10K acres of open space or jump on the highway and be hiking the Sedona red rocks in just 17 mins. Chef up a meal in the outdoor kitchen or sip fine wine in old town Cottonwood just 5 mins away. Adventure awaits...

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Ready To Get Started?

Each experience is completely customized to your desires, goals and needs. Send us an email and tell us what your looking for along with the dates of your trip. We'll schedule a call with you to discuss next steps and see if it's a good fit.

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A Rewarding Experience

We were in Sedona for just a few days and wanted to make the most out of learning about the area. In addition to our hikes that we had chosen to do, we wanted a more personalized experience. Chris King was a great guide that knew so much about the area. Took us to some great spots to explore and hike off the beaten path. Definitely worth the price paid. -D. Wisnosky