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How To Manifest Your Dreams

There is so much information within the spiritual community around manifestations that it can be a bit overwhelming. It is crucial to become crystal clear with your intention in order to fully anchor mind, body and spirit to the creation energy.

In my personal experience, when mind and heart are deeply in synchronicity with one another, the magnitude of that connection energizes the intention. And more times than not, the outcome is usually quite staggering. There are many ways to couple mind and heart to inspire the laws of attraction. Here are a few practices to consider:

1. Call on the angelic realm through this simple yet sacred prayer… “I am requesting the most benevolent outcome for (insert desire). May it be better than I can expect or imagine. Thank you.” And then fully let the desire go…releasing it into the ethers. Smudge before and after. Asking your guardian angels or spirit guides for assistance is a marvelous way to empower your request. Be sure to journal this as it is important to follow the magic.

2. Visualize what you are manifesting and fully lean into the feeling as if it is happening now. Emotions are influential frequencies that the subconscious mind uses to achieve the dreams we want to create. Be sure to learn and develop this part of your mind. What you focus on will amplify. Smudge to let go of feelings that may hinder and invite the feelings that will contribute to your wish.

We all use manifestation in our lives whether it be conscious or unconscious. May these prayers support you in mastering the law of attraction.

Happy manifesting!