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Cultivate Boundless Joy

Life on this planet is an endless series of ups and downs. And part of our spiritual process is to learn how to dance gracefully with whatever comes our way.

Spiritual masters often suggest that negative and positive experiences are all a part of the divine because friction can be used as a tool to bring movement to stagnant energies.

It takes practice and self discipline to embody joy while under stress, however, learning to activate boundless joy is not impossible.

There are many ways to cultivate joy and ground into infinite bliss. Here are some tools for integration:

1. Use an empowering mantra such as Nam Myoho Renge Kyo to jumpstart your day. Chanting this Buddhist mantra activates the law of boundless joy. Try adding this to your prayer toolkit and always smudge while going into the meditation.

2. Embody the laughing dharma. As an adult, life can become way too serious. Find ways that will bring laughter. Take a laughing yoga class or amuse yourself with a good comedy. Even if you donโ€™t necessarily feel genuine laughter, the act of smiling stimulates the production of happy neurotransmitters which can bring a sense of humor.

3. Make your home a haven for joy. Create beauty that will magnify joy by adding objects of inspiration to your home and altars. Look for soul- soothing crystals, pictures, and candles. For a double sensory experience, try our rose smudging candle. From our thoughts we create.

May we all become masters of boundless joy.

From our hearts to yours: Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.