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Bath Salt Unboxing

We are extremely excited to officially unbox our new Smudge and Soak bath salts with you!


Our new product, Smudge & Soak bath salts contain himalayan salt so that you can enjoy its life changing benefits. Our relaxing salts from around the world are soaked in the purest sage and cedar essential oils paired with real white sage leaves. These oils help you smudge, cleanse negative energy and set power intentions while bathing. This is what makes our Smudge & Soak so unique.


In addition to himalayan salt and pure essential oils, this bath salt contains magnesium, dead sea salt and bentonite clay. All of which have their own special spiritual healing properties. You can enjoy these wonderful healing benefits while smudging.


Bathing is medicine. For centuries humans have known the power of immersion in warm healing waters. You too can tap this life spring of rejuvenation anytime you like.


Nothing compliments your spiritual bathing practice more than a high quality, handmade, intentionally sourced bath salt. It is our offering to you of rest, peace and relaxation.

There is nothing more powerful than coupling your bathing ritual with an intentional smudging ritual. The warm, soothing waters of a bath are the perfect environment to let go of negative energy, thoughts and beliefs that do not serve you. They can all melt away as you envision your highest self and the life you are destined to live.


Give yourself the gift of this healing bath time ritual.


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