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Be The Light In The Dark



This week we chose to talk about being the light in the dark for our conscious conversation. Being that bright light people look to for positivity is crucial to living a happy life.

We are all inspirational in our own ways. We can choose to be the light at any point in our life. Choosing this and not the darkness is something that anyone can do. No matter how much struggle you are going through, you always have the chose to choose positivity. A simple smile to a stranger can change their entire day. That is choosing to be the light. Deciding to be one with the light.

Blessing people is a beautiful way to be the light. We are all here to give to others, it is our purpose. If you have the chance to bless someone, try it out. See how it makes you feel. You will most likely see that this decision can change your mindset. 

There are endless possibilities to bless others and be that light in the world. It is so important at this time, with so much darkness in the world. Make the choice to choose positivity. 

It can be very difficult to choose the light when you are encapsulated in darkness. Simple choices such as a small smile can work miracles. Honor yourself in all of your experiences but do not sit in the dark for long. Try to make a change in yourself and see where the road takes you. Chances are, you will be much happier!


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