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Bliss Bath

Bliss Bath 

You come home from a hard day at work. The demands of your boss, coworkers, your children and what feels like “the entire world” still sit heavily on your shoulders.

You need rest, you need relief, you need to set down this heavy load and find some peace.

The faucet creaks as you crank the handle all the way to “hot” and begin the ritual of letting the water run over your hand. First chilling cold, then gradually warming until it’s just right - the perfect heat that you can feel sink deep into your bones. 

The tub fills, It’s almost ready, but before jumping in you grab your favorite bath salt. Perfectly formulated with relaxing salts from around the world and married with pure essential oils to uplift your spirit - it’s your ultimate bath ritual partner in soothing relief. 

Clothes hit the floor and you ease your tired body into the warm, healing water. Sinking in all the way to your earlobes you feel the tension starting to loosen its deathly grip. You can feel your muscles let go and your mind drops all the baggage from the day. 

Your eyelids rest too, gently closing as you breathe in the ancient, cleansing scents of sage and cedar. The scent travels straight through your nose, bypasses your rational mind and triggers a primal response of bliss, release and joy that can only be felt by the consciousness of your body. 

You have arrived.

The stress and tension of the day, the demands of others, the frenetic pace of “the modern world, the emails, the social media onslaught is all gone now, a distant memory fading into oblivion.

You have returned to the womb. Surrounded and suspended by the warm, healing waters of the  life giving flow. This maternal world knows only contentment, only pleasure, only love. The thoughts are gone, the mind is quiet, the body is still. You breathe and enter deeper into this nourishing realm with each inhale. And with each exhale you let go a little more and sink further into blissful surrender. 

Bathing is medicine. For centuries humans have known the power of immersion in warm healing waters. You too can tap this life spring of rejuvenation anytime you like.

Nothing compliments your spiritual bathing practice more than a high quality, handmade, intentionally sourced bath salt. Our brand new Smudge & Soak bath salt launches next week. It is our offering to you of rest, peace and relaxation.

There is nothing more powerful than coupling your bathing ritual with an intentional smudging ritual. The warm, soothing waters of a bath are the perfect environment to let go of negative energy, thoughts and beliefs that do not serve you. They can all melt away as you envision your highest self and the life you are destined to live.

Give yourself the gift of this healing bath time ritual. Keep an eye out for this incredible new offering launching next week…