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A New Way To Boost Your Immunity

As the wheel of life keeps turning, so do the seasons. And tis the season for immunity upgrades.
Smudging, an ancient spiritual practice, is the act of burning certain herbal plants to energetically clean a space, object or being. This spiritual practice originated from indigenous peoples and is well known in their cultures to also have physical benefits.
Here is a list of smudge suggestions to add to your daily well-being routine.
  1. Smudge before and after being in public places. Sage, historically used as an antimicrobial, is purifying. This means that sage helps to keep infectious bacteria, viruses and fungi at a minimum. Try our popular Sage Smudge Spray and breathe easier knowing that you are creating a protective container both psychically and physically.
  1. Smudge while experiencing low vibrational states. Research suggests that immune systems are suppressed during times of low moods. The aromatherapy that smudging offers could help those who experience consistent negative temperaments through uplifting their state of mind. This in turn may boost immunity. So if you are feeling low, transmute the energy with one of our smokeless sprays.
  1. Smudge hands often. During the cold and flu seasons, be sure to give yourself extra protective shielding by washing hands with a smudge soap. Washing our hands frequently will help reduce the germs we encounter. By using our smudge soaps you can also remove negativity from chakras. Each finger represents a different chakra. The palm chakras are known throughout many traditions as a way to express our hearts through touch or deeds. Who knew that the common act of washing hands could turn into a beautiful purification ceremony?
This time of year is the cold and flu season so be sure to add all or some of these spiritual practices to help in your prevention. May vitality and health be with you always and in all ways.