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Earth Medicine By Melissa Henig


Are you feeling “off”?

Like something is missing?

Just not quite yourself?

One of my greatest allies for living a healthy, whole life is earth medicine. Earth medicine is receiving your healing and nourishment from the elements - water, air, earth, and fire. The earth holds wisdom and answers beyond what our minds think we need. 

If you’re feeling unwell or unbalanced ask yourself which of the elements are missing from your daily practice? What element do you need most right now?

When earth medicine is in place in your life, you will be your highest, vibrant self. 

Earth medicine includes water cleansing rituals, grounding, salts, clays and minerals from the earth. Our new smudge bath soak will connect you to Mother Earth with all these beautiful ingredients. 

The salts will facilitate the process but your own body will do the healing. The body is an intelligent sacred temple which always heals itself when the right building blocks are present.


Some more daily earth medicine practices to create wholeness are barefoot walks, naked sunning, clean water, fresh air, deep breathing and organic food. Lastly, connection with other humans is essential and may be the most important medicine.

What can you do today to implement some earth medicine into your life?

Take your shoes off in the dirt

Get a massage

Get some sun without sunglasses or sunblock

Harvest some spring water 

Take a Smudge Bath! 


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