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Embrace the Discomfort




The wind inspired our conscious conversation today. Thinking about discomfort and how it can be important to everyone's daily lives is what started our video today. We realized the wind connects to discomfort as not all people enjoy a strong gust of wind when they are trying to enjoy nature. However, wind is apart of nature and something to be enjoyed if you look at it in the right sense. Discomfort is often accompanied by the positive factors that you are bringing into your life. This could be a beautiful view from the mountain tops with a strong wind in your presence.

Embracing discomfort gets you to where you want to go. If you are not ready for discomfort when it shows up, you may be extra surprised by it because you are not used to it. Discomfort is a factor in everyones life. All humans experience this feeling, but not everyone absorbs discomfort in the same way.

Maybe there is a blessing in the discomfort. Ask the questions "what is right about this?". Look for the deeper meaning behind the feeling. You might find a completely different meaning in these uncomfortable feelings. We often push away things that feel bad but in reality there is usually some kind of lesson that is needed for you to grow.

The reason why we came up with this video today was because it was too windy to do our live outside. Therefor we had to film indoors. However, we embraced the discomfort and were still able to have a wonderful conscious conversation with all of you. 


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