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Fall Equinox- Fall Cleansing!

Hello my friends and happy Autumn Equinox/Mabon!
The Autumn Equinox signifies the transition from summer to fall and is an optimal time to clarify your intention and direction. On this day, there are almost equal hours of daylight and darkness. The energy of this season invites long term planning and incubation. Seeds of ideas planted now can burst forth next spring, transformed and strengthened by their time in the unconscious.
Personally, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a few minor rituals or practices I like to be mindful of this time of the year. I would encourage you to create your own, use one of ours, or a combination of both!
1. Goals, Gratitude, and Meditation- Meditating is a wonderful thing to practice all year round, but it is particularly good to do during an equinox, where balance is strong. Focus on the goals you hope to accomplish- try making a Focus Wheel, or writing down your intentions before or after a meditation or smudging. Practice gratitude. Focusing on things we are grateful for can have remarkable effects on our wellbeing, ranging from better sleep and focus to enhancing and strengthening relationships.
2. Take a Deep Breath- If you can, get outside and experience nature this Equinox! Celebrate the turning colors and the fresh, new crispness in the air- maybe go on an adventure walk and see what you can find- pick up a few treasures while you’re out and bring some bits of nature into your home (I enjoy pressing beautiful or interesting leaves and/or flowers- and neat rocks/stones always seem to find their way to me!). Stretching, dancing, and/or bicycling are also great ways to shake off the doldrums and revitalize your energy.
3. Space Clearing/Smudging- Spring cleaning is a thing of the past! Now is the best time to throw out, or give away unwanted items that are no longer useful or might hold bad associations. Getting rid these objects will help let go of thoughts and beliefs which no longer serve you. We spend so much time indoors during the winter months, clearing your space of these objects will free up your energy (and that closet!) to focus on what matters most to you. Make a ritual out of cleaning your space to allow fresh new energy to flow through. When you’re finished cleaning, I recommend a thorough smudging with your favorite JUNIPERMIST Smudge Spray or Smudge Candle. While you are cleaning and smudging, state your wishes and intentions or sing your favorite songs to invite clarity and harmony into your space and into your life.
Thanks, Cheers, and Blessings to all!
P.S. I would LOVE to hear about your own personal rituals for the changing of the seasons! Do you have your own tried and true practices? Did you try one of the above recommendations? How did it work/how do you feel? Please feel free to email and share your story.

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