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Heal Yourself Heal The World

The theme of the month is love.

In February, cupid flies around society reminding human beings to love. And usually that love is defined by romantic relationships. I find it interesting that we need a reminder to love. Perhaps that stems from a lack of love for self.

From a spiritual lens, the masters say that we cannot offer anything outside of ourselves that which we do not have for ourselves. How can we be unconditional love if we do not embody that vibration by first nurturing ourselves with it??

Let's dive deeper with this by opening ourselves to be a channel for higher consciousness this year and every year following. Let's collectively change the frequency of Valentine's Day by loving ourselves first.

That choice to fill our cups will naturally spill into all other aspects of our lives...which is a powerful conduit for healing.

There are simple habits that we can adopt that will move us into the profound healing that self love can offer.

Here is a practice to try for February: Reset your central nervous system.

Help your bodily systems slow down by purifying your auric field or in other words your body bubble. Your body bubble is connected to your energetic field which surrounds your physical body about a few inches out.

There are many ways to enhance your energetic field and one guaranteed way to do that is by protecting your body bubble with regular cleansing both physically and psychically. Resetting your system by smudging regularly is a great way to empower your field.

Try adding our classic smudge spray to your sacred art of smudging or use one of our sedona smudge candle for a dose of that red rock magic. And because we love you and invite you to bring more love to your world, we are offering a 20% discount on the entire store. May the love you give to yourself radiate to all other beings.

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