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How To Discover Your Spirit Animal

Have you ever wondered what your spirit animal would be?

You may have many spirit animals throughout your life depending on what stage of life you are in! This is because spirit animals act as a guide and protector to human beings. Being more aware of your surroundings is extremely important when trying to search for your spirit animal. If you have a meaningful interaction with an animal, make sure to be open to the message they are trying to deliver. The universe is always trying to deliver a message! Once you know what your spirit animal is, you can start acquiring items that bring attention to the animal. Our real life example is when we had a spiritual experience with an owl. We felt inspired to make a special flute that represented the owl by putting an owl carved out of bone and moon stones on the flute. Now, every time that this flute is played, we feel inspired by the spirit animal’s energy. It is so helpful to bring a little piece of your current spirit animal into your life! 


Be open to the messages that are being brought to you but don’t try too hard, all things come when they are needed in your life.