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How To Relax and Breathe

 The best ways to integrate breathing and relaxation into your life


Have you been feeling stressed lately? Maybe you haven’t been feeling as relaxed as you once were. This happens to the best of us, but how can we help this feeling? 

Breathing techniques have benefited humans for so many years. When you are feeling uneasy, it's important to ask yourself how you have been breathing lately. Breathing is a bodily function that we often overlook. However, it is vital that we study our breath because many breathing techniques evoke your relaxation response. Our Lavender with Sage Smudge Spray is also beneficial to your relaxation response. This is because lavender has been proven to generate a serene state of mind!

When you find the right breathing exercise for you, try to integrate a breathing schedule. Maybe you have a favorite spot to sit where you are most comfortable. Think about what makes you relaxed and incorporate that into your breathing practice. There is no right way to relax, everyone has their own process. Explore what makes you feel the most relaxed!


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