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Human Design by Brad Zayac


 The three top ways Human Design has Changed my Life 

Human Design is a way to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Much like astrology, it uses  your birth information to generate a chart that describes exactly what makes you unique.  Human Design gives you hints on how to live your life more fully and freely as yourself. 

I first found out about Human Design six years ago and sincerely put the principles into  practice in my life. Aside from loving it so much that I now share it professionally, Human  Design has improved my life in countless ways.  

Here are the top three ways Human Design has changed my life: 

  1. I’m not so hard on myself anymore 

I used to be very judgmental, setting unrealistic expectations for myself. If I didn’t do my full  two hours a day every day of meditation (while working full time and maintaining my  relationships), I would beat myself up big time. I was my biggest critic. 

Human Design taught me that we don’t move forward in life by forcing it or trying harder. We  grow the more we surrender and relax into living in harmony. Life is happening and there’s so  much out there we can’t control. Life’s not a game of trying to control, its about trusting the  process and being open to what makes you unique and special, which brings me to… 

  1. I came out of the weirdo closet 

In the past, I didn’t even realize how hard I was trying to fit in and get others to like me. I spent  so much time and energy doing what was expected that I never had a moment to ask if I really  enjoyed my life. Sure I was able to blend in anywhere, but is that really a good thing? For me it  certainly had me feeling empty inside. 

Human Design taught me that we are not here to be like society expects us to be. We are here  to be different and shine our unique light for all the world to see. I ended up changing my entire  life trajectory to travel the world exploring my passions.  

There is no one out there that has your fingerprints. Only you can be you, and when you really  let go and express yourself, you might be surprised how fun it is to be weird… 

  1. I’m having way more fun 

We are trained to think that life is about achievement and progress. That the person who ends  life with a long marriage and a big bank account is doing it right. I used to be so serious about  my goals that I charged like a bull through life. Not only did I miss opportunities to be grateful  and present with the beauty all around me, I was a source of pain and stress for many people  in my life. 

Human Design guided me in the process of releasing my emotions and connecting to a deeper  Truth. At the core, nothings ever wrong with the world or universe, it’s only a judgmental  thought that can argue otherwise. When I really let that sink in, it took the pressure off having to  “save the world”. Nobody has to save the world because it doesn’t need saving.  

“Well what about all the ‘problems’ in the world?” you may ask. I’m not denying what’s going  on, I’m saying there’s a different way to approach it.

When we shed all the pent up emotion and trauma (by following our Human Design), our  natural state is one of helping each other and helping the world. We can clean up the messes  joyfully with the understanding that we just have to do our part. When we are all working  together joyfully, me can make massive changes quickly and easily. 

I’ve become a whole new person countless times since Human Design came into my life. I  couldn’t imagine life without it. It’s been so impactful that its a large part of how I assist people  in my daily work.  

If you’d like to know a bit more about your Human Design and how to live life with more ease  and fun, come see me for a reading and we will dive in!

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~ Brad Zayac's Bio ~
Integrating a decade of rigorous meditative practice with his several years of deep listening experience as a bodyworker, Brad uses the Human Design language and perspective to create a one of a kind experience for people. In his one-on-one sessions and group events, he assists people in stepping beyond the perceived limitations of their own mind right into their pure divine Creator essence. He emphasizes the playful embodiment of our innate uniqueness (i.e. getting weird) to help ground in a life of Joy and freedom.