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It All Begins With Gratitude

What are you grateful for?

It's a simple question that is infinitely powerful.

In our world today it can be a challenging thought to engage. With the media pumping out doom and gloom day and night - it can be hard to center yourself in truth.

We invite you to drop out of the mainstream propaganda, tune in to your heart and unmask the agenda.

As Walt Whitman sang over a century ago:

"Be not discouraged, keep on, there are divine things well envelop'd, I swear to you there are divine things more beautiful than words can tell."

Turn off the TV, shut down social media and close your ears to the naysayers. Take a comfortable seat, close your eyes, place your hand over your heart and listen with your whole being.

Steep yourself in the blessing that you are. Tap into the wellspring of abundance that flows all around you at every moment.

When you step out at night on a new moon and darkness surrounds you, look up into the inky sky. Notice the stars that shine like blazing jewels in the unfathomable darkness.

There is always light in the darkness. What are you grateful for? 

We're thankful for quiet peaceful mornings, the birds love song, the seeds that our food comes from, the colorful wildflowers, the trees sharing shade, oxygen, strength, beauty, the earthworms making compost, the children reminding us to play, clean water, our home, the sun, and the moon.

Jeremiah says: "daddy, dogs, toy guns for hunting deer, and for waterfalls."

As we enter the harvest season we wish you and your family blessings and deep gratitude from the bottom of our hearts.

You mean so much to us. Without you there is no JUNIPERMIST. Thank you for believing in our mission and joining us to spread more light around the world.