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Love Is Soul Medicine

Love can take on many forms and carry different meanings. And for the spiritually minded individual, love is simply a vibration.

According to science, all living things radiate electromagnetic fields. The Heartmath Institute claims that the heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy within the human body and is 60 times stronger in size than the electrical activity produced by the brain.

This is fascinating and potent knowledge. How different our realities would be if we were to strengthen our heart-centers and lead with our love vibration!

Let’s commit together to building up our heart chakras for the duration of the month. Here are a few ways to integrate more love frequencies:

🀍 Begin your day with a smudging and gratitude ritual. Refresh your spirit by turning your attention to what you are grateful for. Smudge during this process releasing anything that pulls you out of the love frequencies. Repeat as often as needed using our smokeless sprays.

🀍 Heighten your heart chakra by visualizing someone you love. Light a smudge candle for them while envisioning unconditional love wrapping around them. Lean into feelings of expansion and lightness as you hold them in your heart.

Notice how your consciousness lifts too. Love changes us and everything that surrounds us. May our heart fields unite to create a grid of unconditional love vibrations for all beings.