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New Beginnings

Sometimes it seems the dark days of winter will never leave. The cold rain and snow drives us indoors in search of all things warm to soothe our winter blues. We take comfort in spiced tea, crackling fires and hot meals enjoyed with loved ones. The quiet season of winter gives us ample opportunity to reflect and explore our inner world. We plant new intentions that will sprout with the coming of the sun and return of the warmer winds of spring.

Now that time is almost upon us. The first colorful buds are beginning to appear, coaxing us out from our interior world and into the bright light of new life. Soon the sun will regain its full strength and fill us with the familiar warmth and energy we have all missed so dearly. 

As the spring equinox approaches (March 21st) take this time to reflect on your life. What new growth, cocooned by the fertile darkness of winter, is awaiting to unfold inside you and take flight? What projects are most meaningful to you right now? What have you been putting off that you know deep down must be done? What relationships are in need of some tender love and care? What limiting beliefs would you like shed? Bring attention and intention to these important places in your life as you craft your own unique spring ritual and ceremony. 

We wintered in North Carolina this year to connect with family and explore the densely forested Blue Ridge Mountain region of the east coast. We had many adventures, met some extraordinary people and got a taste of true southern hospitality. But now the winds of change are stirring and we’re more excited than ever to return to the desert. Our hearts are ablaze as visions of sweeping views and wide open spaces fill our minds. The red rocks of Sedona are calling us home, and we must go.

What are you up to this spring? What dreams are calling out to you? Where do you most want to visit this summer? What adventures lie just ahead on the horizon? Go ahead—click reply and say hi. We always love hearing from our community.

Take this time to embrace the new growth of spring and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.