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New JUNIPERMIST Calendula Salve Health Benefits




Our new Calendula Salve is completely natural and safe for your body. You can tell by looking at the small list of ingredients. Feeding your skin healing and natural remedies is extremely important to your overall health. The Calendula flower is safe for everyone, characterized by being a very gentle flower.

To hand craft this product, we start by soaking the Calendula flower to completely infuse all of the health benefits of the plant into olive oil. We then blend that with hand picked beeswax. It is as natural as you can get, straight from nature! 

Your skin actually starts to eat the salve, which is why it is so important to be 100% natural. This remedy soaks into your blood stream going directly into your body.

Ask yourself, what are you feeding your skin?

This salve has so many healing properties that can benefit just about everyone. Calendula is spectacular for eczema, diaper rash, dry skin, cuts and so much more. It is truly an all purpose healing salve. 

The radiant beauty of this flower is a huge part of its healing properties. When you use the medicine that comes from this plant, you are bringing in the energy from the plant into your life. The energetic qualities of the plant is what assists you most in your life. 

Plant allies have been used for so many years. There are tons of plants on this earth that can be brought into your life to heal.

So how can you find your plant ally?

Start by connecting with a plant by tasting, smelling and feeling. See how the plant makes you feel and notice how it affects your sensory. Be present and open your senses. Absorb yourself into the plant. 

Work with the plant, don't use it. You wouldn't talk to your friends by asking them how you could use them. You would ask how you could work with them.

Plants and trees came before humans, they put out oxygen, opposite of humans. This is an incredible synchronized cycle that bonds humans to plants. Plants made this world livable for us. There is so much that they have to offer us. 

You can start simple, sit with some meaningful plants and spend that sensory time with them. Learn what plants have to teach you.

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