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New Year New You!

We moved through another year! What a gift! The year 2023 is upon us and with clarity as our guide, we can empower our intentions to hold fresh, new energy that will propel us forward. we are the ones we have been waiting for.

Let’s supercharge the new year by combining our highest intentions with a little bit of magic. By welcoming the New Year with love and gratitude we align ourselves with powerful creation energy. With this frequency, we can then clear any lingering energies that no longer serve.

Here are a few simple rituals you can do to enter the New Year as a brand new you. Cleanse your space. Our environment can hold stagnant, hindering and fruitless vibrations.

1. Change your scene by rearranging spaces and altars, donate items you no longer use, or try a new smudging tool. The lavender and sage as well as the palo santo smudge spray are a few of my favorite smudging tools. Transforming your space in these small ways can be a potent way to shift old energy into new.

2. Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Water is life and is a gentle way to remove any existing energies. Add our eucalyptus shower mist or lather up using our classic sage smudge soap. The aromatherapy will be key to your reset. Have a fire ceremony.

3. Fire is a sacred element and can help us to burn what we no longer need. Grab a pen, journal and a smudging candle. To start the ceremony, use the candle to begin a soft gaze meditation. Then write about what you intend to become unattached to. Give the list to the fire and let the smoke carry it to the sky. Need a new candle? Try our Sedona smudge candles.

The start of the new year has come and gone but the inspirational energy doesn’t have to disappear. You can refresh and renew as many times as needed just by using any of these smudging tools. May all beings be happy and free in the year of 2023!