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Respond in Love Not React




We have an uplifting conscious conversation that we are excited to share with all of you. We will now be going live on Amazon and Instagram every Wednesday to have these conversations. Make sure to follow us on both platforms so you can stay tuned. Uplifting each other in order to grow spiritually, emotionally and physically is what we are here for.


This week we are diving into the reaction process. Responding and not reacting to situations that often come up in life is key. When you feel yourself about to react, take a step back and think about the situation for a moment. This gives your brain time to process what is happening. You can either react or respond with love. Reactions are often rooted in fear. It is a conscious choice and intention to respond out of love.


Once you start to think about reacting versus responding, you will find that these opportunities come more than you would have predicted. Complaining is a great example of this. Complaining can often be fear based and very easy to do. When you feel yourself about to complain, take a second and be the observer. Let those thoughts pass and see how you feel. Often, you will notice a peaceful feeling take over your thoughts. Catching that first reaction is important. Try to understand that first trigger and what is making you feel this way. It is often driven by past programming rooted in your life experiences. There will be a moment of clarity before you react, take that conscious thought and put it into action. That moment of awareness can bring your love and attention to what is most important. Staying grounded and feeling blissful.


You will feel more peace when you deny yourself to come from a place of fear. Overtime, practicing this will lead you to easily respond with love. Pleasant experiences will fill your life. It really is amazing how the transformation that will take place. Transform your reactions into compassion and love. 


Let us know what you think, feel free to share your own experiences with us. We love hearing from you. :)


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