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Sacred Smudging Prayer

The art of smudging is an ancient ritual that has been practiced for thousands of years by almost every indigenous culture in the world.

These people who lived deeply connected to the earth believed that the practice of burning sacred plants had the power to cleanse negative energy and restore a state of peace and equilibrium to a person, place or object. 

The addition of a sacred prayer that is verbally spoken while smudging helps to enhance the cleansing effect and makes the practice more meaningful. You can use your own prayer or try this traditional one to get your started... 

A Sacred Smudging Prayer:

Creator, Great Mystery
Source of all knowing and comfort,
Cleanse this space of all negativity.
Open our pathways to peace and understanding.
Love and light fills each of us and our sacred space.
Our work here shall be beautiful and meaningful.
Banish all energies that would mean us harm.
Our eternal gratitude.

– The Medicine Wheel Garden, E. Barrie Kavasch

PS - While it is traditional to burn sacred plants like sage, cedar and palo santo—you can get the same effects from using a "smokeless" liquid product like our Smudge Sprays. 

We use 100% pure essential oils that contain the complete essence of the plant they were distilled from. This gives you all the same cleansing and rejuvenating effects of burning herbs without all the smoke.