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Smudge Anytime Anywhere!




You truly can smudge anytime and anywhere. Whenever you are feeling the need to smudge, make it happen! Smokeless smudging is great for this because you can smudge and not have to worry about fire alarms or other factors.

If you do not clear unwanted energy, it may linger for a while. Clearing yourself or a space of low energy is important. We want you to have high vibrations as much as possible. This is why creating a space for positive energy to come in is so important. 

We recently had some friends in town and we all went on a spiritual hike in Sedona. Spiritual hikes amplify your energy, whether that be dark energy or high vibrations. While we were on this recent hike, a fellow hiker became very upset with us because we were barefoot. 

Immediately following this interaction, we smudged ourselves thoroughly. Then we were able to welcome higher vibrations into our lives. Be prepared to cleanse energy whenever it is needed. Our smokeless smudge sprays are the best for resetting the energy in a situation like this.

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