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Spring Cleaning For The Soul

Spring cleaning can also be a spiritual practice. In many Eastern cultures, spring cleaning is not only a literal opportunity to declutter one’s life but also implies spiritual purging.

This time of year symbolizes new beginnings… the possibility of cleansing the mind, body and spirit of stagnant thoughts such as regrets. Spring brings feelings of excitement and buds the promise of life. Freeing up any lifeless energy through releasing rituals will allow you to invite energies of potentiality.

Here are a few ideas to add to your spring cleaning rituals:

Eliminate what no longer serves you.

Our outer environment reflects our internal landscapes. Begin with cleaning the physical by spring cleaning your home. Remove distractions that may block your life flow.

Once complete, honor your new sacred space by topping off your cleaning with a smudging practice. Smudging helps to carry negative energies away. I highly recommend trying any of our smokeless sprays.

Build a spring altar.

Allow your creative spirit to guide you in the upcoming months. Make your altar as big or as small as you would like. Adorn with gemstones, powerful totems or anything that inspires new life and the return of Light.

Adding a candle, like one of our smudging candles, to your new altar to represent the return of the Sun.

Spring is such a refreshing season. By cleansing, we join in on the natural rhythms of newness and the rejuvenation of life.