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The Power of Human Connections by Tasha Bryant

As humans, we are always searching for connections.

Why is this? And why do we need connections?

Deep bonds that are formed between you and your loved ones are important to feel seen and valued. The connections that benefit you most are the positive ones. Without positive connections in your life, you end up missing the feeling of being heard properly!
Valentine's Day is coming up in a few weeks, it is the perfect time to dive into your relationships. Reach out to the friend that you haven't spoken to recently. Call your family and tell them you love them! This forms an unbreakable bond between you and those you wish to have in your life. 
Irreplaceable bonds have changed my life in an extremely positive way! I remember being young and always seeing my family and loved ones. It seemed easy to form bonds with those around me. Once I was a part of the adult world, it felt harder to connect to my loved ones because of my busy schedule. I realized that human connections are the foundation of life. In order for me to feel peaceful and happy, I need a deep connection with those that I love. I started to dive into what was needed of me to grow my connections. After years of making strong bonds one of my main priorities, I have felt at peace. 
Strengthen your connections this month and find the peace it will bring you.
Love and Blessings,
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