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Take a Bath - Breathe Easier

“There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them.”
― Sylvia Plath

It may surprise you by how beneficial it is to take a bath. Often, when life feels busy, we forget to focus on ourselves. Taking a quick bath can help you redirect your attention to your self needs. The euphoric steam that you breathe in when bathing oxygenates your blood flow. When your blood is more oxygenated it is easier to take slower and deeper breaths. Focusing on your breath is a crucial part to your health and spiritual energy. 

Read our previous blog post on How to Relax and Breath to find out more about the importance of breathing.

Next time you need to focus on yourself, start with something as simple as taking a bath. Your body will thank you!

So now that we know bathing is indicative to living healthy, how can we make it even better? 

Try adding himalayan salt to your bathing experience. This salt is magical to the human body. Himalayan salt has been proven to regulate your body's P.H balance. Your P.H needs to be healthy in order for your cells to function and stay alive. If your P.H is overly acidic, diseases, illnesses and unwanted bacteria can start to thrive. 

If you are looking for a better night of sleep, himalayan salt in your bath can help with this too. By decreasing the stress hormones and promoting your body’s serotonin, your body can more easily fall into a deep sleep. The best part of having a great night’s sleep is waking up in an invigorating mood.

There are also spiritual benefits when it comes to himalayan salt. This salt is also known as 'Pink Halite" which is a crystal. Just like other crystals, it has many metaphysical properties. Himalayan salt gently allows you to release factors in life that are not serving you. It has also been known to cleanse your energy field.

Overall, taking a bath with himalayan salt can actually help your immune system and help you live a happier and healthier life!

Our new product, ‘Smudge and Soak’ bath salts contain himalayan salt so that you can enjoy its life changing benefits. We also soak our salts in the best sage and cedar essential oils. These oils enhance the calming effect that comes with bathing. We also put sage leaves in our bath salts to create a smudging experience. This is what makes our Smudge and Soak so unique. In addition to himalayan salt and pure essential oils, we also curated this bath salt with magnesium, dead sea salt and bentonite clay. All of which have their own special spiritual healing properties. You can enjoy these wonderful healing benefits while smudging. 

Smudge and Soak is similar to our smokeless smudging sprays, except you don’t need to spray. Practice the art of smudging when you breathe in the aromatic essential oils of sage and cedar. These scents are extremely powerful to the smudging process. Smudging works best when you are calmed and relaxed. That is exactly why we made this new product. Alleviate your stress with a calming bath while restoring your spiritual energy. Smudge while you are relaxed, it really is the perfect way to smudge. We have thought of everything that you need in order to have the most enjoyable bathing experience.