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Smudge Spray = Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer sure is a popular thing these days. High alcohol, un-natural products can leave you dried out and cracked up, especially as winter approaches. They also kill bacteria on your skin that is important to your health.Did you know essential oils help protect against harmful pathogens AND can help maintain your skins natural healthy bacteria? Learn more in this video about how to use our Smudge Sprays as Hand Sanitizer.

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A Traditional Halloween Smudging Ritual

A Traditional Halloween Smudging Ritual Halloween is the ancient festival of the dead and the unknown. It is a time to clear away the old and unnecessary. This quiet ceremony provides a balance to all the wild trick or treating. You will need: -Candle (we recommend our Sage Smudge Candle)/matches -Smudge stick or Smudge Spray -Bowl or Shell -Large feather (if using traditional Smudge stick) -Paper and pen Instructions: 1. Make sure that the room is quiet, calm, and softly lit. If you are in a space that allows you to do it safely, we recommend that the light of the candle be the only light in the room. 2. Smudge yourself and any others present. 3. Sit quietly and...

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An Autumn Cleansing Ritual

Happy Autumn! We cleanse our physical bodies seasonally and it’s also a good practice to cleanse our emotional bodies by smudging our homes.  You may do maintenance cleanses often, but now is a good time for an energetic overhaul!  According to Ayurvedic medicine the fall and spring are the best time to cleanse. As  nature moves we shift as well.  It’s time to release the summer energies we no longer need in our house before heading into a more sedentary winter that is ripe for rest, reflection and restoration.No matter what may be happening in your life—take the opportunity this fall to start fresh and release all that stands in the way of you living your most authentic and vibrant...

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Let Your Light Shine

There's no denying we are all experiencing a bit more darkness these days. Summer has officially come to an end and the time of light is growing shorter as we descend into fall.The world is also going through its own fall season and dark energy seems to be more prevalent than we would like.It is important to honor the darkness, feel into its depths and fully metabolize the fruits that await us there. At the same time too much wallowing in the shadows can leave us feeling depressed and tired. In these times we must acknowledge the dark and also remember to let our inner light shine through. If you look up in the night sky it's clear that it is mostly dark, yet...

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